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@domob1812 domob1812 released this May 13, 2019 · 11308 commits to master since this release

This is a new major release of Namecoin Core. It is mostly based on Bitcoin Core 0.18.0. Important Namecoin-specific changes are the following:

  • BIP16, CSV and Segwit will be activated at block height 475,000 on mainnet and 232,000 on testnet. See #239 for a discussion.
  • The options argument for name_new, name_firstupdate and name_update can now be used to specify per-RPC encodings for names and values by setting the nameEncoding and valueEncoding fields, respectively.
  • name_scan now accepts an optional options argument, which can be used to specify filtering conditions (based on number of confirmations, prefix and regexp matches of a name). See #237 for more details.
  • name_filter has been removed. Instead, name_scan with the newly added filtering options can be used.
  • ismine is no longer added to RPC results if no wallet is associated to an RPC call.
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