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  1. Forked from domob1812/namecoin-core

    Namecoin full node + wallet based on the current Bitcoin Core codebase.

    C++ 434 167

  2. ncdns Public

    🌐 Namecoin to DNS bridge daemon

    Go 125 42

  3. Forked from spesmilo/electrum

    Namecoin port of Electrum Bitcoin client.

    Python 24 18

  4. Forked from JeremyRand/ website in Jekyll -- send PR's to beta branch, then merge into master and gh-pages

    HTML 17 34

  5. encaya Public

    Namecoin interoperability for AIA-compatible TLS clients

    Go 3

  6. certinject Public

    Inject certificates into Windows CryptoAPI trust store, with EKU and name constraints.

    Go 5


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