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Collateral (designer speak for graphics, logos, etc.) for Namecoin.
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Namecoin Graphics

This is the official repo for Namecoin logos and brand related graphics. Only material found in this repository and the typographic symbol ℕ should be used for Namecoin software and for currency identification.

Basic Banner
Basic Logo Banner

Namecoin Blue

Pantone Coated 7682 C

Namecoin ℕ

Namecoin's typographic symbol (often used to identify the currency) is the mathematical symbol for natural numbers, .

Unicode Code Point U+2115
HTML Entity (Decimal) ℕ
HTML Entity (Hexadecimal) ℕ
URL Escape Code %E2%84%95
CSS \002115

The typographic name is "double-struck capital n". You can find fonts that support the symbol here and information on how to input unicode symbols on Wikipedia.


All graphics currently in this repository are licensed under CC BY 4.0.

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