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Consumer/Producer API: data transport library for NDN

Consumer abstraction model supports the following application patterns:

  • Sequential fetching of ADUs, with allowance of missing any ADU in the stream if necessary. This can be used to support real time media streaming applications.

  • Parallel fetching of ADUs to speed up content transfer. This can benefit applications like web download and torrent.

  • Fetching of individual, dynamically generated ADUs, as needed by web and IoT applications.

Producer abstraction model supports the following application patterns:

  • Realtime ADU publishing (and consumption), which can be used by a large number of applications including video conferencing, games, etc. Publishers may need to “wait for pull” and keep the ADUs in memory temporarily to handle a possible mismatch between production and consumption timing.

  • ADU publishing to stable storage, to support potentially large asynchronies between ADU publishing and consumption in terms of time, as well as in terms of data popularity (“publish once - consume multiple times”). This publication pattern can be beneficial for static content services, such as video and web-content backend applications.

  • ADU publishing to remote stable storage, to support mobile publishers and IoT publishers. This publication pattern allows smartphones and sensors to get around their resource limitations by moving the content to stable locations.

This library implements Simple Data Retrieval (SDR), Unreliable Data Retrieval (UDR) and Reliable Data Retrieval (RDR) Consumer / Producer Communication with Application Level Framing in Named Data Networking, and Infomax (IDR) protocol InfoMax: An Information Maximizing Transport Layer Protocol for Named Data Networks.

Consumer/Producer API uses ndn-cxx library as NDN development library.

Consumer/Producer API is an open source project licensed under GPL 3.0 (see for more detail). We highly welcome all contributions to the Consumer/Producer code base, provided that they can licensed under GPL 3.0+ or other compatible license.


Please submit any bugs or issues to the Consumer/Producer API issue tracker:

Installation instructions




To build Consumer/Producer API from the source:

./waf configure
sudo ./waf install

To build on memory constrained platform, please use ./waf -j1 instead of ./waf. The command will disable parallel compilation.

If configured with examples: ./waf configure --with-examples), the above commands will also generate test applications in ./build/examples

Test applications must be run in the following pairs:

  • Example of single-threaded non-blocking parallel consumption: async-producer & async-consumer

  • Example of changing the forwarding strategy for a specific namespace: broadcast-producer & broadcast-consumer

  • Example of Infomax Data Retrieval: idr-producer & dir-consumer

  • Example of embedding manifests (with no signature given): manifest-producer & manifest-consumer

  • Example of embedding manifest with a real signature: manifest-signing-performance & manifest-verification-performance

  • Example of chaining consume calls (consume() within another consume()): rdr-chaining-producer & rdr-chaining-consumer

  • Example of RDR built-in exclusion of content with invalid signature: rdr-exclude-producer & rdr-exclude-consumer

  • Example of RDR built-in processing of application Nacks: rdr-nack-delay-producer & rdr-nack-delay-consumer

  • Example of signing and verifying content: rdr-signing-performance & rdr-verification-performance

  • Example of using Simple Data Retrieval: sdr-producer & sdr-consumer

  • Example of manual exclusion using Simple Data Retrieval: sdr-exclude-producer & sdr-exclude-consumer

  • Example of sequential (in the loop) content production and consumption: sequential-producer & sequential-consumer

  • Example of using Unreliable Data Retrieval: udr-producer & udr-consumer

  • Example demonstrating fast retransmission in UDR: udr-fastretx-producer & udr-fastretx-consumer


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