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Dramatically increase cast efficiency on the 1.12.1 client!
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An auto stop-cast tool for World of Warcraft (for Windows)

There is a design flaw in this version of the client. A player is not allowed to cast a second spell until after the client receives word of the completion of the previous spell. This means that in addition to the cast time, you have to wait for the time it takes a message to arrive from the server. For many U.S. based players connected to E.U. based realms, this can result in approximately a 20% drop in effective DPS.

Consider the following timeline, assuming a latency of 200ms.

  • t = 0, the player begins casting fireball (assume a cast time of one second or 1000ms) and spell cast message is sent to the server. at this time, the client places a lock on itself, preventing the player from requesting another spell cast.
  • t = 200, the spell cast message arrives at the server, and the spell cast begins
  • t = 1200, the spell cast finishes and a finish message is sent to the client
  • t = 1400, the client receives the finish message and removes the lock it had placed 1400ms ago.

In this scenario, a 1000ms spell takes 1400ms to cast. This tool will work around that design flaw by altering the client behavior to not wait for the server to acknowledge anything.

New In Version 2.0

Previous versions of this tool required custom macros. This version should "just work".


If you use my launcher, known as wowreeb, you can add the following line to a <Realm> block to tell the launcher to include this tool:

    <DLL Path="c:\path\to\nampower.dll" Method="Load" />

To launch with the built-in launcher, run loader.exe -p c:\path\to\wow.exe (or just loader.exe with it inside the main wow folder)

Account Security

While this makes no malicious changes to the WoW client, it could easily be mistaken as malicious by the primitive anticheats in use on some vanilla private servers. This program contains absolutely no protection against anticheat software.

Having written the anticheat for Elysium and Light's Hope, I can say that they do not currently detect this, and are unlikely ever to do so.

Kronos / Twinstar has said that while they do not support client modification, they will not specifically target this mod. Refer to this thread:


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