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Running a lite node

You can run a lite node with a fixed maximum amount of disk, CPU and bandwidth. This allows new people to get a listing of accounts more quickly while not using too many resources on your computer.

Running an audit node

You can run an audit node which requires much more disk space. This allows people to do a full verification of the cryptographic integrity of the whole ledger going back to the beginning.

Running a representative node

If you have dedicated processing power and a reliable, persistent connection to the internet, you can run a representative node and allow people to delegate their vote strength to you so they don't need to participate in voting. This allows conflicts in the ledger to be resolved more quickly and allows people who can't remain connected to still have their votes participate in keeping the ledger accurate.


If you're a developer and want to build a frontend or improve the backend, please contact us or send pull requests.


Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) does not require mining in order to process transactions. Donate your computing cycles to a project at In the future there may be a market for offering subscription based work-generation for clients that need to produce high volumes of traffic or clients on energy constrained devices.

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