@Kris-B Kris-B released this Feb 27, 2017 · 169 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • new: options to set the size of images and thumbnails
  • new: options to set EXIF properties with javascript
  • new: API option 'refresh' to display again the current gallery
  • new: API option 'instance' to get the reference of the gallery instance
  • new: API option 'search', display thumbnails with title containing the search string
  • new: callbacks 'fnGalleryRenderStart', 'fnGalleryRenderEnd', 'fnGalleryObjectModelBuilt', 'fnGalleryLayoutApplied'
  • changed: default thumbnail toolbar for albums - thumbnailToolbarAlbum : { topLeft: 'select', topRight : 'counter' }
  • changed: default thumbnail toolbar for imgae - thumbnailToolbarImage : { topLeft: 'select', topRight : 'featured' }
  • changed: default value of 'thumbnailDisplayInterval' from 30 to 15
  • enhanced: high DPI screen, like Retina, support for self hosted content when image size defined
  • fixed: misc issues with kind 'google2'
  • fixed: zoom image in/out for self hosted content

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