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  • v3.0.1
  • 0d1b2d9
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  • v3.0.1
  • 0d1b2d9
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Jun 26, 2020 · 8 commits to master since this release

  • fixed: Flickr connector
  • fixed: lightbox error when thumbnails are disabled
  • fixed: fullscreen mode remains activated when lightbox is closed after having been started in fullscreen mode
  • fixed: requestAnimationFrame not used in some cases
  • fixed: does not scroll to top of gallery when an album is opened
  • minor bugfixes
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Jun 19, 2020 · 27 commits to master since this release

  • new features:

    • thumbnails on lightbox
    • mosaic layout is now fully responsive
    • options 'thumbnailGutterWidth' and 'thumbnailGutterHeight' are now responsive
    • filtering, option galleryFilterTagsMode/galleryL1FilterTagsMode - possible value 'single', 'multiple'
    • filtering, if no tag is selected then no filter is applied
    • loading spinner over thumbnail during album content download
    • first album level: new options thumbnailL1BorderHorizontal and thumbnailL1BorderVertical
    • gallery pagination: left/right buttons on top of the gallery (option 'galleryPaginationTopButtons')
    • lightbox: swipe up to close (additional to the existing swipe down gesture)
    • lightbox: button to add media to shopping cart
    • callback fnPopupMediaInfo(item, title, content) -> {title: my_title, content: my_content}
    • improved: swipe and touch gesture using velocity
    • rounded border on thumbnails (defined in 'galleryTheme')
    • improved: page scrollbar better removed on lightbox display, to avoid page reflow
    • randomized thumbnail display order: option 'thumbnailDisplayOrder' ('', 'random')
    • easing for thumbnail display animation: option 'thumbnailDisplayTransitionEasing' (default: easeOutQuart)
    • Google Photos: enable the use of filename as the title (#226 - thanks to Kevin Robert Keegan
    • Flickr: option tagBlockList to filter out images based on tags (#233 - thanks to Jonathan Keane
    • media title renaming with option 'titleTranslationMap'
  • changed:

    • option 'blackList' renamed to 'blockList'
    • option 'whiteList' renamed to 'allowList'
    • lightbox toolbar: option viewerToolbar.display now set to false by default
    • shopping cart handling refactored
    • thumbnail label: new option 'valign' in addition to the 'position' option
    • gallery filtering: icon for tags and for tag's filter reset
    • lightbox tool: icons layout and background
    • hover animation on thumbnails are now disabled by default ('touchAnimation' default value changed to false)
    • option 'thumbnailOpenImage' renamed in 'thumbnailOpenInLightox'
    • callbacks fnGalleryRenderStart/fnGalleryRenderEnd: now return the album object instead of it's index
  • fixed:

    • nano_photos_provider2: on gallery initialization, if an album is defined, gallery does not display sub-albums
    • gallery may not be displayed depending on the display animation
    • lightbox: one touch will display toolbars and label when they are hidden
    • modal popup (media info, share): display not sharp, and wrong size on mobile devices
    • some artefacts around thumbnails in some use cases
    • #219 dragging in Firefox - many thanks to Largo (
    • #226 Google Photos issue on description value (#226 - thanks to Kevin Robert Keegan
    • many mirror fixes
  • depreciated:

    • removed: viewerDisplayLogo option
    • removed options 'topOverImage', 'bottomOverImage' for lighbox vertical toolbar position
    • removed lightbox theme 'border'
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Mar 22, 2019 · 88 commits to master since this release

  • new: self hosted videos - support for WEBM and OGV formats (dependant on browser support)
  • fixed: gallery not displayed under certain conditions
  • fixed: first html5 video unclickable
  • fixed: self hosted videos - support in html markup method
  • removed: share on google+
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  • v2.4.1
  • 9e9b987
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  • v2.4.1
  • 9e9b987
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Mar 13, 2019 · 101 commits to master since this release

  • new: support for self hosted videos (mp4)
  • new: lightbox - button to rotate images
  • new: lightbox - fluid transition from zoomed to unzoomed image when displaying a new image
  • new: API shopping cart update event now returns also the concerned item
  • fixed: new data provider for the new Google Photos API (nanogp2 -
  • note: Google Photos - videos cannot be played in the lightbox (only download is available)
  • fixed #160: IE11: CSS can not be accessed
  • fixed #161: IE11: startsWith not defined
  • fixed #157: pagination - scroll to top of the gallery in mode pagination
  • fixed #155: image transition effect SWIPE
  • fixed: fullscreen issue in Chrome
  • enhancement #175: gallery display shaking when pagination activated on mobile device
  • enhancement: lightbox vertical pan handling
  • removed: option 'albumListHidden' depreciated
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Mar 11, 2019
[ci skip]

@Kris-B Kris-B released this Sep 26, 2018 · 124 commits to master since this release

  • new loading spinner with support of gif/png files with transparency
  • new default lightbox image transition 'swipe2'
  • optimized thumbnails lazy loading and display animation
  • fixed #130 Joomla3/Bootstrap2 Image Zoom In Bug
  • fixed #131 deep linking to image when only one album loaded
  • fixed #144 copy-n-paste error - thanks to citrin for the fix
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this May 25, 2018 · 146 commits to master since this release

  • new option 'eventsDebounceDelay' - thumbnail's lazy display fine tuning (response delay after resizing, rotation and scroll events)
  • new API method 'resize' - force a gallery resize. To be used when adding/removing items dynamically, to avoid a full re-display of the thumbnails.
  • new internal NGY2Item object method 'delete' - deletes the current item
  • new internal NGY2Item object method 'addToGOM' - adds the current item to the Gallery Object Modell
  • changed: 'thumbnailDisplayOutsideScreen' default value is now 'true'
  • fixed issue on callbacks fnGalleryLayoutApplied, fnGalleryObjectModelBuilt, fnGalleryRenderStart (#121), galleryRenderEnd, fnShoppingCartUpdated, fnShoppingCartUpdated
  • fixed #120 - thumbnails with a Single Quote wont load
  • fixed #117 - Joomla/Bootstrap icon conflict - changed class in CSS file
  • fixed #126 - custom theme using colorSchemeViewer not working
  • fixed thumbnail effects 'labelSlideUp' and 'labelSlideDown'
  • fixed thumbnail effects with CSS 2D/3D transformations
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  • v2.1.0
  • 0de25fe
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  • v2.1.0
  • 0de25fe
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Mar 5, 2018 · 153 commits to master since this release

  • new: API methods 'closeViewer', 'minimizeToolbar', 'maximizeToolbar', 'paginationPreviousPage', 'paginationNextPage', 'paginationGotoPage', 'paginationCountPages'
  • fixed: single touch to open thumbnail when no hover effect defined
  • fixed: lightbox support for empty top-left or top-right toolbar
  • fixed: option 'galleryMosaicL1' renamed to 'galleryL1Mosaic'
  • fixed: options 'touchAnimation' and 'touchAnimationL1'
  • fixed: #82 option 'thumbnailAlbumDisplayImage'
  • fixed: incorrect .nGY2GThumbnailSub size
  • fixed: functions NGY2Item.thumbSet(), NGY2Item.imageSet(), NGY2Item.thumbSetImgHeight(), NGY2Item.thumbSetImgWidth()
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  • v2.0.0
  • a82bac4
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  • v2.0.0
  • a82bac4
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Nov 30, 2017 · 163 commits to master since this release

  • new: mosaic layout
  • new: video support (Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion)
  • new: image slider in thumbnail (see option 'thumbnailSliderDelay')
  • new: value 'fillWidth' for option 'thumbnailAlignment' (is also the new default value)
  • new: option 'thumbnailBaseGridHeight' for cascading layout
  • new: markup content source supports the ID attribute
  • new: option 'viewerTransitionMediaKind' to enable/disable media transition in lightbox
  • new: module support
  • new: callback fnProcessData for Flickr data
  • enhanced: option 'thumbnailOpenOriginal' for all data types
  • enhanced: added keyword 'auto backup' to default value for 'blackList'
  • enhanced: loading.gif embeded in CSS file
  • changed: the lightbox is nor more closed when the user clicks/touches the area outside the image
  • fixed: #67 viewer opens even if cutom viewer defined (broken in v1.5.0)
  • fixed: image swipe left/right closes the lightbox
  • fixed: #56 #68 destroy method issue -> warning: browser back to non existing location could happen
  • fixed: #70 overflow-x: hidden; not working after exit gallery
  • fixed: Flickr - album list blocked by hidden albums
  • fixed: #69 message 'error: no image to process.' no more displayed
  • fixed: #77 link to the photo on flickr leads to photostream instead of album
  • fixed: #78 exif time now handeld as string format
  • fixed: image on selected thumbnail not visible
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@Kris-B Kris-B released this Sep 7, 2017 · 183 commits to master since this release

  • new: swipe down to close lightbox
  • new: thumbnail image dominant color in stacks
  • new: thumbnail gradient color during image download (see galleryTheme)
  • new: lightbox option 'viewerImageDisplay'
    Possible values : 'upscale' to upscale images to fullscreen, 'bestImageQuality' for highest quality on high DPI screens like retina
  • new: define multiple thumbnails per item (url and size) - API and markup content source
  • enhanced: lightbox image zoom and swipe
  • removed: open image in Google Photos (broken since changes by Google)
  • fixed: #51 - thumbnail to navigate up not displayed correctly
  • fixed: Flickr incorrect image resolution
  • fixed: thumbnail to navigate up displayed even without parent album
  • fixed: option 'photoset' not a real alias of 'album'
  • fixed: sorting for images/albums defined with HTML markup or javascript
  • fixed: package manager compatibility
  • fixed: incorrect cursor pointer when lightbox disabled
  • fixed: endless loop if image/gallery in location hash does not exit (markup or javascript content)
  • fixed: internal lightbox started although third party lightbox defined
  • misc performance enhancements and bugfixes
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