@Kris-B Kris-B released this Sep 7, 2017 · 39 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • new: swipe down to close lightbox
  • new: thumbnail image dominant color in stacks
  • new: thumbnail gradient color during image download (see galleryTheme)
  • new: lightbox option 'viewerImageDisplay'
    Possible values : 'upscale' to upscale images to fullscreen, 'bestImageQuality' for highest quality on high DPI screens like retina
  • new: define multiple thumbnails per item (url and size) - API and markup content source
  • enhanced: lightbox image zoom and swipe
  • removed: open image in Google Photos (broken since changes by Google)
  • fixed: #51 - thumbnail to navigate up not displayed correctly
  • fixed: Flickr incorrect image resolution
  • fixed: thumbnail to navigate up displayed even without parent album
  • fixed: option 'photoset' not a real alias of 'album'
  • fixed: sorting for images/albums defined with HTML markup or javascript
  • fixed: package manager compatibility
  • fixed: incorrect cursor pointer when lightbox disabled
  • fixed: endless loop if image/gallery in location hash does not exit (markup or javascript content)
  • fixed: internal lightbox started although third party lightbox defined
  • misc performance enhancements and bugfixes