ops - build and run nanos unikernels
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Ops is the main interface for creating and running a Nanos unikernel. It is used to package, create and run your application as a nanos unikernel instance.

Check out the DOCS

ops <command> [flags] [ARG]

Minimal Version

This program requires GO Version 1.10.x or greater.


  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Install dependencies:
    • make deps
  3. Build
    • make build

Basic usage examples

Before learning more about ops it is a good idea to see some basic usage examples. Below are links to simple examples using various programming platforms:

Setup networking

bridge network

sudo ops net setup


sudo ops net reset

Build a bootable image

ops build <ELFBinary>

Package and run

ops run <ELFBinary>
ops run -p <port> <ELFBinary>

Using a config file

ops run -p <port> -c <file> <ELFBinary>

Example config file

ops config files are plain JSON, below is an example


## File layout on local host machine 
## File  layout on VM