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My dotfiles

These are my personal dotfiles and they're designed to work on both OSX and Linux. This contains my custom VIM setup that actually works on Windows as well.

  • tmux
  • vim
  • ack
  • a few simple tools I use including Git completion

I don't recommend that you clone this repo and use it. It's fine to go through and look at my settings though.


  • Homebrew for OSX
  • git
  • vim
  • tmux
  • ctags
  • On OSX, you'll need the app reattach-to-user-namespace in order to have good tmux support.
  • A folder in your home called ~/tmp/backup

How My Setup Works

I set this up by cloning the entire thing to ~/Dropbox/dotfiles. I don't sync them across machines with Git - I just use Dropbox, and use Git to version and share them.


$ git clone ~/Dropbox/dotfiles
$ brew install git
$ brew install vim
$ brew install tmux
$ brew install ctags
$ brew install direnv
$ brew install ack
$ brew install ranger
$ brew install reattach-to-user-namespace

Then create a folder for the Vim backup folder:

$ mkdir -p ~/tmp/backup

Then create symlinks (soft links) to the files in the ~/Dropbox/dotfiles folder:

ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.bash_profile ~/.bash_profile
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.bash_osx ~/.bash_osx
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vim ~/.vim
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.slate ~/.slate
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.slate.js ~/.slate.js
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.gemrc ~/.gemrc
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.irbrc ~/.irbrc
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.git_completion.bash ~/.git_completion.bash
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.tmux.conf ~/.tmux.conf
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.tmux.osx.clipboard ~/.tmux.osx.clipboard
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.tmux.linux.clipboard ~/.tmux.linux.clipboard
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.ackrc ~/.ackrc
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.inputrc ~/.inputrc
ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.config ~/.config

I also create a bin/ folder and symlink the files in bin/ in there.

$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ ln -nfs ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/bin/battery ~/bin/battery

Once that's all set I use Vundle to install the vim plugins. I made an alias to keep this updated.

$ update_vim

To get completion with CoC working, install Node.js and Yarn.

Then compile CoC:

cd ~/Dropbox/dotfiles/.vim/bundle/coc.nvim
yarn install

Then open vim and install plugns

:cocinstall coc-html coc-css coc-go coc-tsserver

Again, I don't recommend that you clone this and use it. It's not really designed for that.

My keybindings


  • ,d opens and closes the tree
    • press Enter to open the file
    • press i to open the file in a split
    • press m when on a node to get the menu to add, delete, rename files.

CtrlP Fuzzy finder

  • ,f opens the search window. Type part of the filename to locate it.
    • Press Ctrl-K and Ctrl-j to go up and down the list


  • ,cc comments out selected text
  • ,cu uncomments selected text


  • Ctrl-x / in insert mode closes the open tag. Press again to close outer tag.


  • ,<spacebar> switches between the two most recent files
  • F2 toggles paste-mode insert. Turn this on if you want to paste from your terminal to preserve formatting. Turn it off when done.
  • ,sp toggles spell check on and off.
  • ,g will attempt to launch the program for the current file
  • jj in INSERT mode will exit INSERT mode and save the file
  • ii in INSERT mode exits INSERT mode


My dotfiles. Sharing is caring.






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