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extract a social network from a history openstreetmap file

how use

1 - download a history planet file

2 - extract the area with osm-history-splitter

3 - create the file with this informations

node,way  osm_user       text
node,way  osm_uid        int8
node,way  osm_version    int8
node,way  osm_timestamp  text

4 - import the data in postgis

osm2pgsql -P 5432 -U dbuser -W -d dbname -u -m -x -k -S /path/of/ file_history.osh

5 - create the graph

 python -s localhost -u dbuser -w dbpassword -d dbname -i -o graphfile -g gexf

note: the "-i" calculate the interactions between user (this need time)

6 - analyze the graph with a tool like gephi

some example outputs

gefx file of the openstreetmap network of Trento - Italy

viewer of the network in Trento - Italy

image of the network in Trento - Italy

trento osm network

tell me more

Open Data License

the data come from OpenStreetMap for this reason the datasets produced from this software are licensed as ODbL -