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This is a Factorio mod. It lets you keep track of your mining sites and warns you when they're starting to run low.


Once the mod is installed, using it is relatively simple:

  • First, you must research the technology "Resource Monitoring". This enables you to...
  • Then, craft yourself a resource monitor. You should only ever need one, as it does not get consumed.
  • Walk over within build distance of an ore patch, take the resource monitor in your hand, and tap it on the ore (click as if to place it).
    • If everything went well, you should now see a blue overlay showing up on top of the ore you clicked, and growing as YARM finds its neighbours, and their neighbours, until the entire ore patch has been scanned.
    • After the scan, you have 10 seconds to tap another ore of the same kind, which will be added to the same site. This is currently the only way to add disconnected ore patches to a single site.
      • If you tap the ground instead, you will cancel the site.
      • If you tap a different kind of ore instead, you will instantly create the site and start a new one on the other ore.
    • Upon the expiry of those 10 seconds, the site will be created and a message will be shown informing you of its name and the amount of ore found in it.

By default, YARM shows only sites that are about to expire (i.e., less than 10% of their initial amount remaining). Clicking the single button shown in the YARM interface switches it to "all sites" mode, where it will show every site you've recorded.

Each site has some buttons associated with it:

  • The 'eye' button allows you to remote-view the site from wherever you are in the world. Click it again to return to your body.
    • Note: it is possible (though unlikely) to get stuck in the remote viewer, especially if entering it from a non-player entity (e.g., while using the Fat Controller to view a train). This should normally be prevented, but if somehow you end up in that state, you will need to find your character entity, highlight it, and use the console command /c"YARM", "reset_player",
  • The 'X' button (only shown while not viewing the site) allows you to delete the site. When first clicked, it turns red; click it again within 10 seconds to confirm deletion, or leave it alone to cancel it.
  • The 'ab|' button (only shown while remote viewing the site) allows you to rename the site. This can be useful to prevent auto-naming from overwriting one of your sites with another. Names may not be longer than 50 characters!
  • The '+' button (only shown while not viewing the site) allows you to expand an existing site. Simply click the '+' for the site you want to expand, then smack the resource monitor on the new ore site you want to add to the existing monitor. Sites are not renamed by this process.
    • NB: To prevent inconvenience, the '+' button will also drag a resource monitor into your cursor, if you don't already have it there.
    • Pressing the '+' while it's red (which indicates addition in progress) will finish the adding process (and update the site, if it's changed).
    • While expanding a site, a blue overlay (identical to the one used when creating the site in the first place) will highlight the ores that comprise the site currently. For performance reasons, the overlay appears gradually rather than all at once.

Sites are bound to forces (i.e., teams), so any sites you add will be visible to your teammates.

Endless resources (by default, oil, but mods exist for others) are supported; the percentage full is therein calculated based on how much more than the minimum amount is present in the ore entities. This is minimally informative, and time to depletion is probably going to be quite wrong, but it's the best we can do with what we have.

Many thanks for

  • The major effort by drs9999 to create the original Resource Monitor.
  • The similarly-major efforts of jorgenRe and @L0771 to create the 0.12 unofficial update.
  • Excellent suggestions for new behaviour from @cpw, @KaneHart, and several members of the #factorio IRC on espernet.
  • Continuous Integration by CircleCI: Circle CI
  • Graphics by Meppi on the Factorio forums:
  • Major performance enhancements by @Afforess
  • Updating assistance by @Bisa
  • External interface additions by @Choumiko and @afex
  • The Russian translation by RikkiLook
  • The Hebrew translation by JoCKeR-IL
  • German translation by luma88
  • Configuration assistance by @Martok88
  • Italian translation by futuroattore86
  • Chinese translation by @71e6fd52 and @muink
  • Japanese translation by @shelaf

Remote interface

YARM's remote interface is grown as needed; there are only a few functions currently:

  •"YARM", "reset_player", player_name_or_index): sets the target player's character to be whatever the player has selected (if it's of a compatible type, of course) and clears out internal data relative to the player.
  •"YARM", "show_expando", player_name_or_index) and the equivalent "hide_expando": provides programmatic hooks to toggle the expando. Both return a boolean true if YARM was expandoed before the remote call, and false if it was not. This is an opportunity to return the expando to its previous setting after use.
  •"YARM", "get_on_site_updated_event_id"): returns the identifier for the on_site_updated event, detailed below. You should probably call this every time mods are initialized, as it is set in the main control.lua runtime.

Additionally, there is one event:

  • on_site_updated is periodically raised whenever a site's ore count and stats are brought up to date. The event contains:
    • force_name, the name of the force owning this site
    • site_name, the name of the site that just finished updating; site names are unique within a force
    • amount, the number of ore units remaining in the site
    • ore_per_minute, the number of ore units mined in a minute on this site, based on the number mined since the last update
    • remaining_permille, the ratio of ore remaining versus the initial amount from when the site was created
      • permille is analogous to percent, but multiplied by 1000 instead of 100; its symbol is ‰
    • ore_type, the of the resource entities tracked in this site (e.g., crude-oil or iron-ore)


The source of YARM is Copyright 2015 Octav "narc" Sandulescu. It is licensed under the MIT license, available in this package in the file

Some of the graphics (the eye icon and the gear icon) are licensed CC-BY-SA Unported 3.0, and based on the creations of User:MGalloway (WMF).


19 alternative name suggestions were offered for the "YA" part of the name "YARM", among them:

  • Yet Another Resource Monitor (narc)
  • Your Awesome Resource Monitor (Keyboardhack)
  • Young Adolescent Resource Monitor (Kane_Hart)
  • Yiddish-Approved Resource Monitor (narc)
  • Yawning Angel, Resource Monitor (Tivec)
  • Yeti Approves [of] Resource Monitor (Keyboardhack)
  • Your Aunt's Resource Monitor (HanziQ & Tivec) [it's not your grandmother's resource monitor, that's for sure! -- ed.]
  • Your Adorable Resource Monitor (Keyboardhack)
  • Yassir Arafat Resource Monitor (HanziQ)
  • Yawn, Another Resource Monitor (AnarConn)
  • Yum Anal Resource Monitor (AnarConn)
  • Yellow Arrow Resource Monitor (JoCKeR-iL)
  • Y Another Resource Monitor? (AnarConn)
  • Yad Avraham Resource Monitor (JoCKeR-iL)
  • Yatssi Atssi Resource Monitor (JoCKeR-iL)
  • Yahoo! Answers Resource Monitor (HanziQ)
  • Yes! Amen! Resource Monitor! (Tivec)
  • Yallah Ahmed Resource Monitor (Tivec)
  • You Are (the) Resource Monitor (narc)
  • YARRRResource Monitor (mk-fg)