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Memex explorer has currently been put on hold. Support and development on this project has ceased for the immediate future.


Memex Explorer is a web application that provides easy-to-use interfaces for gathering, analyzing, and graphing web crawl data.

Local Development

To setup your machine, you will need Anaconda or Miniconda installed. Miniconda is a minimal Anaconda installation that bootstraps conda and Python on any operating system. Install Anaconda from or Miniconda from

Clone the repository, then:

cd memex-explorer/source

Run the following commands:

$ ./
$ source activate memex
$ supervisord

This script will set up a conda environment named memex, prepare the application by creating an empty database, then launch all of the necessary services for the application. If there are any problems with any of these commands, please report them as a GitHub issue.

If you have already run the install script, simply run supervisord from the memex-explorer/source directory to restart all of the services.

The supervisord will start supervisord in the foreground, which will in turn ensure that all services associated with the core Memex Explorer environment are running. To stop supervisord and the associated services, send an interrupt to the process with Ctrl-c.

Memex Explorer will now be running locally at http://localhost:8000


To run memex-explorer tests, use the following command from within an active environment:

$ py.test

Building the Documentation

The project documentation is written in reStructuredText and can be built using Sphinx.

$ cd docs
$ make html

The documentation is then available within build/html/index.html


To access the administration panel, navigate to http://localhost:8000/admin (or the equivalent deployed URL) after starting Memex Explorer. Here you will be able to view and make manual changes to the database.