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core Flight System (cFS) Limit Checker (LC)


The Limit Checker (LC) is a core Flight System (cFS) application that is a plug in to the Core Flight Executive (cFE) component of the cFS.

The LC application monitors telemetry data points in a cFS system and compares the values against predefined threshold limits. When a threshold condition is encountered, an event message is issued and a Relative Time Sequence (RTS) command script may be initiated to respond/react to the threshold violation.

The LC application is written in C and depends on the cFS Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL) and cFE components. There is additional LC application specific configuration information contained in the application user's guide.

User's guide information can be generated using Doxygen (from top mission directory):

  make prep
  make -C build/docs/lc-usersguide lc-usersguide

Software Required

cFS Framework (cFE, OSAL, PSP)

An integrated bundle including the cFE, OSAL, and PSP can be obtained at

About cFS

The cFS is a platform and project independent reusable software framework and set of reusable applications developed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. This framework is used as the basis for the flight software for satellite data systems and instruments, but can be used on other embedded systems. More information on the cFS can be found at