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It's a lightweight time tracker (GTK+). I use it to understand how much I have spent time on which activities while I am working on my computer. And it also reminds me to take a break.


Requires Python>=3.3 and GTK3, optional notify-send for notifications.

$ pip install

# Arch Linux
$ yaourt -S tider-git

Command-line interface

Tider can do almost all actions through the command line: open menu, set activity, etc. That gives you the ability to set up your custom hotkeys in desktop specific environment. For example in i3wm you can use ~/.i3/config, but in Xfce, you can use Application Shortcuts tab:

Settings > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts

I use sxhkd (simple X hotkey daemon) to declare specific hotkeys for such programs.


Default config available through the command:

$ tider conf

There are some regular settings and some hooks. Hooks are needed for integration with the desktop environment. The config file is located ~/.config/tider/

i3wm and i3status

Modify text_hook:

def text_hook(ctx):
    # ...
    import json

    i3bar = json.dumps({'full_text': text, 'color': color})
    with'%s/i3bar.txt' % ctx.conf.conf_dir, mode='w') as f:
    return markup

Then use ~/.config/tider/i3bar.txt for i3status

Xfce4 and xfce4-genmon-plugin

Also modify text_hook:

def text_hook(ctx):
    # ...
    stats = re.sub(r'<[^>]+>', '', ctx.stats)
    xfce = '<txt>%s</txt><tool>%s</tool>' % (markup, stats)
    with'%s/xfce.txt' % ctx.conf.conf_dir, mode='w') as f:
    return markup

Then use ~/.config/tider/xfce.txt for xfce4-genmon-plugin.

Reports in terminal

Here is a weekly report for two weeks period:

$ tider re -i2w -w
Statistics from 2015-03-09 to 2015-03-15
|target   |       work|  with rest|
|@surf    | 30h 16m 6s|36h 19m 20s|
|pusto@dev| 3h 23m 42s|  4h 4m 27s|
|arch@tune|   2h 0m 4s|  2h 24m 5s|
|lal@mix  | 1h 56m 48s| 2h 20m 10s|
|tider@dev|     20m 7s|     24m 9s|
|@fop     |     6m 32s|     7m 51s|
|total    | 38h 3m 19s|45h 39m 59s|

Statistics from 2015-03-16 to 2015-03-22
|target    |       work|  with rest|
|@surf     |22h 14m 30s|26h 41m 24s|
|pusto@text|  2h 53m 3s| 3h 27m 40s|
|arch@tune |  1h 51m 0s| 2h 13m 12s|
|lal@mix   | 1h 48m 19s|  2h 9m 59s|
|pusto@dev |    34m 50s|    41m 48s|
|total     |29h 21m 42s| 35h 14m 3s|

Statistics from 2015-03-09 to 2015-03-22
|target    |       work|  with rest|
|@surf     |52h 30m 36s| 63h 0m 44s|
|pusto@dev | 3h 58m 32s| 4h 46m 15s|
|arch@tune |  3h 51m 4s| 4h 37m 17s|
|lal@mix   |  3h 45m 7s|  4h 30m 9s|
|pusto@text|  2h 53m 3s| 3h 27m 40s|
|tider@dev |     20m 7s|     24m 9s|
|@fop      |     6m 32s|     7m 51s|
|total     | 67h 25m 1s| 80h 54m 2s|


Tider uses one simple SQLite table log to save activities and one pretty view log_pretty for easy queries, so it is easy to use SQL for getting specific report or fix something that you can't do via GUI.

Run default SQLite manager with related database:

$ tider db

Query example::

sqlite> select id, target, work_m, start_str, end_str from log_pretty limit 3;
id          target      work_m      start_str            end_str
----------  ----------  ----------  -------------------  -------------------
1785        pusto@text  31          2014-03-29 15:04:04  2014-03-29 15:36:02
1784        pusto@text  56          2014-03-29 12:21:33  2014-03-29 13:17:53
1783        mail@dev    92          2014-03-29 10:14:00  2014-03-29 11:46:54


Menu to set activity

Take a break notification


Report for today


Lightweight time tracker (GTK+)