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Shader Graph Updates and Sample Project

Read the official Blog Post

This Project is intended to work with Unity release 2018.2.

This demo Project showcases some of the new Shader Graph tool features introduced in 2018.2 to create a foliage-focused scene. Refer to the project Readme for links to documentation about the tools used.

In this project you will find sample graphs for great looking foliage and environment shaders, as well as a possible technique for switching between two render pipelines. On the Readme inspector, you’ll find buttons that switch between Lightweight and High Definition Render Pipelines. This is mainly to allow you to author assets and test compatibility between pipelines -- for production, we recommend using only one render pipeline.

For additional example projects check out Andy Touch’s Shader Graph Example Library!

If you want to talk to us about the Shader Graph, check out the forums and stay tuned to the blog for more exciting updates!

Note: this project demos multiple features that are still in Preview, meaning they introduce brand new features and workflows. As such, some of these features may be subject to change (API, UX, scope, etc.) and aren’t covered by traditional Unity support. You can, however, report issues with Preview features on our forum page.

This demo was built by Alex Lindman, Unity Graphics Tech Art Intern.

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