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A clean and simple markdown blogging platform on Rails.
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Obtvse 2

A clean and simple markdown blogging platform on Rails.

Demo | Demo Admin


Password: password

Whats New

Obtvse 2 was rewritten entirely with a focus on being more user friendly, quicker, modern, and customizable.


  • Two new themes
  • Easy addition of new themes and color schemes
  • Built in user system with sorcery
  • Support for Typekit fonts
  • Turbolinks

New Admin

  • New interface
  • Live filter posts
  • Post stats
  • Split screen preview markdown that follows scroll position
  • Full keyboard shortcut support

Backend features

  • Slim templating
  • Kramdown for markdown
  • Coderay for syntax highlighting
  • Bugfixes all over (still needs many more!)


Obtvse 2 is compatable with obtvse's original database structure and migrations. Migration is as easy as cloning this repo, pointing to your old database and running migrations.


Obtvse needs post history saving so you can mark versions of a post. This would also allow for editing live posts without them updating live.


If you are new to Rails development, check out guides for getting your development environment set up for Mac and Windows.

cd ~/Sites
git clone git://
cd obtvse2
bundle install
rake db:migrate

Edit config/info.yml to fill in your personal and site information.

Start the local server:

bundle exec rails s

Go to, to administrate you go to /admin

Installing on Heroku? You may need to run the following after you've updated to the latest Rails 4 version.

heroku config:set PATH=bin:vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin
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