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A demo application showing how to deploy a scalable realtime chat application powered by, Node.js, Docker, and AWS Fargate, and deployed using a CI/CD pipeline powered by AWS CodePipeline
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A simple Slack-like chat app built with Node.js and Vue.js and deployed using Amazon Web Services, running in Docker containers in AWS Fargate.


  • No EC2 instances. One of the goals of this application architecture is that it is very hands off, nothing to manage or update.
  • Fully defined as infrastructure as code, using AWS CloudFormation to create all the application resources.
  • CI/CD Pipeline using AWS CodePipeline, so that you can just push to the Github and it will automatically deploy.
  • Automated Docker container builds using AWS CodeBuild

You can view a running copy of this app, deployed on AWS at:

Deploy it yourself

This repository includes instructions for how to deploy this application yourself, including buying your own Route 53 domain name, creating an SSL certificate, setting up the CI/CD pipeline.

Run it locally

To run the application on your local machine you need:

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • make

Execute the following command:

make run

The application will be available at http://localhost:3000

If you make changes to the code, you can run:

make build

This updates the client application.

To run integration tests execute:

make test
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