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Custom React Native Snippets

This repository contains few of the snippets that i use in my react native videos on my youtube channel.

Setup Instructions (VSCODE)

  • Open Visual Studio Code

  • CODE > PREFERENCES > USER SNIPPETS > javascriptreact.json/jsx-attr.json/jsx.json

  • Copy the code from this repository into that file.

Issues :

  • In case your javascriptreact.json snippets don't work, try and copy it into :

  • CODE > PREFERENCES > USER SNIPPETS > javascript.json

javascript.json/javascriptreact.json Snippets

imrnc  - Import React Native Component
imrnfc - Import React Native Functional Component
imrnp -  Create Panresponder.create
imrnss - Create React Native Style Sheet
clog   - console.log("$1")
rnmap  - React Native Map Method
rndime - const {width,height} = Dimensions.get('window')
rncomp - Create a React Native Component
rnfcomp  - Create a Functional React Native Component

jsx-attr.json -> JSX Attribute Snippets

rnajc - alignItems:'center',justifyContent:'center'

jsx.json -> JSX Snippets

<but - <Button title='${1:title}' onPress={()=>${2:alert('button pressed')}}/>
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