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Scheduled for v1.0

GUI to choose elements to JNAerate and customize mappings (with batchable actions, filter-as-you-type...) -choose creates a .jnaeratorChoices file -choices test.jnaeratorChoices uses it Unscheduled

fix file association of .jnaerator files on Mac OS X (register a listener to web start services so that the argument file is read... on Windows, it is passed with -open file as arguments, so it already works). Support URLs in arguments, with automatic local caching, support of wildcards (list files at arbitrary http URL), integration with preprocessor... More elaborate variable replacements in .jnaerator files : default values (w/ or w/o prompt to user), implicit download, script expressions...) allow predefined source content to be prepared for each output class - raw text or velocity macro, post trigger w/ script api ? expose all CLI jnaeration options through the GUI define -visibility switch to control choice of exported functions : declspec(dllexport), not attribute((visibility=hiddden)), always... + warnings when no symbol is exported : "are you sure you didn't miss a '-visibility all' switch ?" enhance the error reporting of parsing (work on antlr grammar) and of compilation

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