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Release v2.1.0

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@NATS-CI NATS-CI released this 20 Sep 19:19


Go Version

  • 1.12.9: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • RTT in /routez details (#1101)
  • New /leafz monitoring endpoint (#1108)
  • Latency tracking for exported services (BETA) (#1111, #1112, #1122, #1125, #1130, #1132, #1136, #1137)
  • System level services for debugging (BETA). Exported services to the system account for debugging of blackbox systems. Ability to get the number fo subscribers for a given subject and optionally queue group (#1127)


  • Some typos in code. Thanks to @beautytiger for the contribution (#1105)
  • Some Leafnode issues (#1106)
  • Issue when there is a circular dependency in account server import (#1119)
  • MaxPending configured to more than 2GB. Thanks to @cv711 for the report (#1121)
  • Some internal locking issues related to accounts lookup and updates (#1126, #1131)
  • Ability to pass to the command line -cluster nets://<host>:-1 for a random port, which is used in some NATS libraries for testing. This was broken due to changes in Golang (#1128)
  • Ensure server uses default if ResponsesPermissions's values are set to 0 (#1135)


Complete Changes