OF addon for Artoolkit5 (Marker and NFT)
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OpenFrameworks addon wrapping the functionalities of ArtoolKit 5. At the moment it provides :

  • Marker based AR
  • NFT based AR


Artoolkit is LGPLv3, so you can consider my code LGPLv3 too.
Copyright (c) 2015 EnricoViola naus3a@gmail.com


Copy to your openFrameworks/addons folder.


openFrameworks 009.x

Known issues

For some reason (I think it's a libjpg issue), it seems like you cannot load .iset image set files (used for NFT) from OF; since I could not find documentation about the .iset format, I simply made my own custom.dat file providing the same functionality.

You can use ofxArtool5::saveSurfaceSetData to make a your own custom file from an Artoolkit surface set.

Version history