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[Atomic Developer Bundle] ( - Containerized Development Made Easy

Event: Docker Pune Meetup #6


Talk Synopsis:

Tihe Atomic Developer bundle (ADB) is a development environment for containers from the same people that are bringing you the Atomic Host. The ADB is growing to help you create containers for use with Docker, orchestrators like Kubernetes, PaaS platforms like OpenShift and Mesos. In this presentation, Navid and Brian will demonstrate how the ADB works with host-based tools and IDEs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X and how you can kickstart development on Kubernetes, OpenShift, etc on a preconfigured Vagrant box. The talk will cover the capabilities provided by the Atomic Developer Bundle and ecosystem of client side tools that can leverage the capabilities and provide smooth user experience for containerized development. Learn how to use it, how we built it, and how you can make it better.

[Slides] (Docker_Pune_Meetup_6.pdf)