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A LISP-like functional programming language suitable for code golf
Python Arc
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Arcyóu is a LISP-like functional programming language suitable for code golf. It has a large library of potentially useful functions, all one or two characters in length.


Here are some real PPCG puzzles which Arcyóu can solve in a small amount of bytes:

"Hello, World!":

"Hello, World!"  ; 15 bytes

Golf you a quine for great good!:

Q  ; 1 byte?!

Implement a Truth-Machine:

(?(#(l))(@ 1(p 1))0  ; 19 bytes

Is this number a prime?:

(p?(#(l  ; 7 bytes

Output the current time:

(@ t(pn(zz 1)(p(st %H:%M:%S  ; 27 bytes


I would be lying if I didn't admit that I picked the Lisp syntax partially because of how easy it was to parse. But the idea behind Arcyóu is for it to be the Mathematica of golfing languages and have a builtin for everything, a feature which should easily offset the byte cost of parentheses.

Executing code

To run an Arcyóu program you find on the Web somewhere, save it to a file, then run in a Python 3.x interpreter with the file's name as a command-line argument. Example in a bash shell:

$ python3 myprogram.arc

You can also run the interpreter without any arguments to start an interactive read-eval-print loop, or REPL, session. Here's an example session:

$ python3
Arcyóu version v0.1a. Copyright (C) 2015 Benjamin Kulas.
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details see the source code or the GNU General Public License version      3.

Type (bye) or press Ctrl-C to exit.

(油:0)>(+ 1 2)
(油:1)>(p? 997)
(油:2)>(r * (' 1 2 3 4


The documentation is a work in progress, but what there is of it can be found on the wiki for Arcyóu's GitHub repository.


Arcyóu is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3. The full text of the license can be found on the official GNU webpage at

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