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Fix missing mpi.eclass.

mpi.eclass is a symbolic link pointing to /var/lib/layman/science/eclass/mpi.eclass
meaning that the Gentoo Science Overlay (
must be enabled through Layman for some ebuilds to work (see issue #9).
Fix issue by copying the Gentoo Science Overlay's eclass (from commit
8de3d2e7b5bca71a3d0fd216520c45f76d7146d0, see;a=blob;f=eclass/mpi.eclass;hb=8de3d2e7b5bca71a3d0fd216520c45f76d7146d0).
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1 parent c06c1cd commit 0a058410bd80304da574bc7546e47d14982dc38f @nbigaouette committed Jan 9, 2012
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