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#Baron Blog Engine Gem

No one needs another blog engine. This is just a side project to play around with Ruby and a small web-based app. I wanted to create the simplest content management engine that included all the features I was looking for to power my blog.

There are two parts, the Baron Blog Engine Gem and the Baron Blog project. The gem contains the code for routing, HTTP, and the MVC components of a simple blog. The blog project references the gem, includes the blog UI templates and content.


  • Publish to Heroku (or similar) using Git
  • Easy to customize the look & feel via a common site layout template
  • Author posts or custom pages in markdown or HTML
  • Organize content into categories
  • Several permalink formats are supported, including a custom prefix and several date formats
  • 301 or 302 redirects are supported for easy porting from your current blog
  • SEO optimized with built-in support for Robots.txt, Google Analytics, Google web master tools
  • Fun tech used: Ruby, Rack, RSpec, Bootstrap, Disqus

Technical Design Notes

cms for wide variety of sites -- media, text blog, photo only. wanted to be able to write in markdown and use this for future projects.

Design objectives:

  • Use conventions to simplify code
  • Easy to understand, easy to maintain
  • Try test driven development.
  • Adopt ruby coding desing approaches


A full-featured, yet minimalist blog engine for developers




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