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Utilities for performing actions on words, or collections of words.
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You know what this means? Release time! Originally was not thinking to
do a release this soon. However, I *did* get Wikipedia functional again
with a brand new `WikiProvider`. I feel the minor version bump is
applicable in this case due to it being new functionality, without any
backwards incompatible changes being made.

As part of the `` update -- I noticed a few lines where we
missed the PyPi link. Let's add those in to maintain the same markdown
blocks between GitHub Release and the CHANGELOG entries.
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Utilities for performing actions on words, or collections of words. This is a slowly expanding library of functions, conversions, and lookups added to as I see fit. Mostly intended for fun, or convenience. Not sure what it will grow into, but it's a nice laid back project.

Installation & Use

Recommended to install into a virtual environment of your desired flavor. I currently recommend virtualenvwrapper, but am using the stock venv module in the example below for simplicity. Save the user on configuring a dependency if they don't have to

# Clone the repo
git clone
cd word_tools

# Create a new virtual environment, and enable it
python -m venv .env
source .env/bin/activate

# Update Pip & friends. Optional, but recommended
pip install --upgrade pip

# Install dependencies and create executable
pip install .
# If you receive errors about "No module named 'word_tools'", try this
pip install --editable .

# With venv active, the path will already be in path
# Otherwise, the path to executables will be
# .env/bin/wt.{urban,merriam,wikipedia}
wt.urban WORD [LIMIT=0]
wt.merriam hacker 2
wt.wikipedia python 1

# Deactivate the virtual environment when finished
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