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ndbroadbent edited this page Dec 20, 2012 · 8 revisions
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Please note: this is still very much alpha code.


  • Fix '... and where' text when it is the first group
  • Add tests! Set up Travis CI
  • Provide all the features in the ransack demo. e.g. needs to support multiple levels of nested groups, and multiple sorts.
  • Reorganise so that 'data-content' attributes aren't used to store HTML. Instead. generate new rows/groups from a json list of attributes and predicates. (The current approach is a bit ugly.)
  • Add a few extra UI features like date ranges
  • Better search on associations - look up the currently selected value when the form is refreshed
  • Provide some basic CSS that can be customized by the user (twitter bootstrap is currently supported)
  • Sort out the speed issues in ransack - so that generating the search form doesn't take a couple of seconds. Even if the first request takes a little while, we should be able to cache calculations and SQL queries on the models. For a current workaround, read
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