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ndim's git utilities (mostly "git amb" for easier automake builds)

ndim's git utilities - a collection of scripts and docs around git
Copyright (C) 2007, 2008 Hans Ulrich Niedermann <>

The utilities in detail

  git-amb (status: stable)
    Makes building, installing, and testing multiple git branches of
    some source tree built with automake easy, clean and flexible.
    The name stands for "git *a*uto*m*ake *b*uild". For details, see
    git-amb(1) man page.
    git-amb(1) is about to be obsoleted by the generalized nbb(1)
    tool which is being developed as a separate project.

  git-buildmsg (status: testing)
    Generate .h file containing information about the current git
    working tree. Useful for programs' version messages in logs etc.
    Generating the version message from git describe output appears
    to be much cleaner, though, especially when done at autoconf time.

  git-rebase-subtree (status: stale)
    Rebase not only a single branch, but a whole "subtree of branches".
    Useful for maintaining your own subtree of branches close to some
    upstream's branch, but is in dire need of proper error handling.
    NOT obsoleted by automatic branch..rebase setup in git 1.5.6.


  Home page:
    none at the moment

  Git repository:
    $ git clone git://


  Partly MIT, partly GPL. Shared parts dual-licensed.

End of README for ndim's git utilities.
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