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Nebulas Blockchain Explorer

A Java web app for users to explore and analyze the nebulas blockchain.

Its frontend is a single page application using vuejs and its backend uses Spring.

Please visit to view all data in Nebulas.

Design Overview

Nebulas Explorer Design Overview

Explorer Frontend

It's a web app using vuejs serves as the presentation layer for the nebulas blockchain explorer.

More details at

Explorer Backend

  1. Data access REST APIs

Exposes the REST APIs for frontend to get blockchain data.

  1. Data Loader

Loads the blockchain data from Nebulas Node and transform and store the data in a way the frontend can consume.


Data Storage for the loaded and transformed data.

Nebulas Node

The explorer make RPCs to Nebulas nodes remote endpoints to load the blockchain data.

How to Contribute

Decide what to do

As a beginner, you may want to pick an issue from issues with help wanted or good first issue tag and make a pull request for your changes.

After being more familiar with the explorer and the code, you can submit improvement ideas and work on those ideas.

Git workflow

Step 1: Clone git repo to your local

You can clone and commit to it if you are a key contributor.

git clone

Or you can fork git clone and clone your forked repo.

Step 2: Make some changes

  1. Create a new branch for your change, use prefix "hotfix/" for bug fix, "feature/" for feature.
  2. Make the change and commit with good commit message

Step 3: Get the change merged

  1. Push your local changes to remote repo
  2. Create the pull request if you are using forked repo
  3. Address review feedback and get the change merged

Environment Setup

Run the explorer frontend locally

Step 1: Install Node.js

  1. Install lastest node.js so you can execute 'npm' command by either downloading zip or installer from or via package manager

Step 2: Build and Run

# install dependency
cd explorer/explorer-front
npm i

# run webpack dev build on localhost
npm run dev

# open http://localhost:8080/ in browser
# config port number in explorer-front/config/index.js!dev.port

# run webpack production build, results will output to 'dist' folder
npm run build

Run explorer backend locally

Step 1: Install JDK 8, MySQL and Redis

Step 2: Build, Run and Stop

cd explorer/explorer-backend


The Nebulas explorer uses LGPL license