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Nano Blocks

An iOS light wallet for the Nano cryptocurrency, written from the ground up, purely in Swift. Nano Blocks uses the Canoe backend for all key network requests including proof-of-work generation and block processing.

All designs are from my brother, Tim. Here's his other stuff.


  • send and receive Nano
  • change representative
  • multiple account address support
  • client-side address book
  • QR generation and scanning
  • biometrics
  • export seed to encrypted zip (note: the baked-in macOS unzip utility won't unzip it)
  • in-app block viewer
  • multiple languages including English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish. Contribute here.

Running the project

The project should build out-of-box to a simulator. You'll have to modify the team signing settings (don't commit these changes) to get the project to build to a device.


Feel free to contribute. There's a #dev channel in the Nano Blocks Discord. There's plenty to do, including refactoring most views that use .xibs to have their layouts programmatically generated (I started on a few using SnapKit).

About Nano Blocks

Nano Blocks started in December 2017 when, at the time, no mobile light wallets for Nano existed yet. More on that on here.


An iOS light wallet for the Nano cryptocurrency, written purely in Swift.




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