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Where are you?

Automate tracking and sharing your location with your friends and family.

Where are you?

Why I made this?

	"MOM to ME": {
		"on Call": ["Where are you, Neel ?"]
	"Friends to me": {
		"on Whatsapp": ["Wassup, where are you bro?", "Where are you buddy?"],
		"on Messenger": ["Hey, in city?", "Hey, Call me I'm in City, We can meet"],
		"on Call": ["I'm at your Home, F*ck! where the hell are you?"]

People kept asking me "Where are you Neel?!" constantly while I was working on a interesting GIF or some in-house project in a college hostel. I had a thought to make something which always track your location and tell these people where you are. That thing must be autonomous, so it won't require your focus at all. So I came up with this.


  • Font end is Android app which keep tracks your location and update it into private cloud of Firebase.
  • Backend is a HTML page which fetches the live data from Firebase and update the Mapbox map in realtime.




Setup the realtime DB in Firebase and connect it to the App and HTML page.


Want to contribute? Great! Fork and send pull request.


  • Adding what3words address. This is a new way(it also open source) to share you addres in just three worlds (for exmaple, I'm at typhoon.crystal.crust
  • Adding more features Last updated time, Status : busy/available/don't disturb
  • Making a Facebook/Telegram BOT which will use this data and reply people



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