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alacritty/.config/alacritty [alacritty] cleanup config Dec 6, 2019
beets/.config/beets [beet] sane defaults for skip Dec 6, 2019
compton/.config/compton [compton] do not background blur for nwim Aug 27, 2019
cool-retro-term/.config/cool-retro-term [git] initial commit Aug 9, 2017
dcvs [dcvs] remove hg config Nov 11, 2019
dircolors/.config/dircolors [dircolors] fix bold Nov 11, 2019
dos [git] initial commit Aug 9, 2017
dunst/.config/dunst [dunst] almost-black border Dec 6, 2019
gdb [gdb] use gdbinit by default Nov 17, 2019
ghc/.ghc [git] initial commit Aug 9, 2017
git [git] temp mod for gitconfig Dec 6, 2019
gtk [gtk] update gtk settings Apr 8, 2019
htop/.config/htop [sway] there is no need in sway yet Oct 13, 2019
i3/.config [i3] update i3 Dec 6, 2019
jgmenu/.config/jgmenu [jgmenu] initial commit Jun 25, 2019
keymaps/.config/keymaps [keymaps] cleanup Nov 9, 2019
misc [screen] remove screen support Aug 20, 2019
mpd [mpd] cleanup and update Dec 4, 2019
mutt/.mutt [mutt] fix mail send Nov 28, 2019
ncmpcpp/.ncmpcpp [ncmpcpp] remove some annoying keybindings Nov 1, 2019
neofetch/.config/neofetch [neofetch] add neofetch May 29, 2018
newsboat/.newsboat [newsboat] add config May 29, 2018
nvimpager/.config/nvimpager [nvimpager] sync settings Nov 11, 2019
polybar/.config/polybar [polybar] gothic mincho-like font Sep 21, 2019
pulse/.pulse [pulse] add pulseaudio to jack configuration example Aug 21, 2018
pylint [pylint] add pylint support Sep 8, 2019
rofi/.config/rofi [rofi] remove fake-transparency Jul 31, 2019
sh [profile] update path Mar 17, 2019
stig/.config/stig [stig] fix new theme Oct 1, 2018
sxhkd/.config/sxhkd [sxhkd] remove xcalib Nov 17, 2019
sxiv/.config/sxiv [sxiv] update wallpaper hotkeys Feb 28, 2019
systemd/.config/systemd/user [systemd] cleanup Nov 23, 2019
task [task] autoupdate Nov 6, 2018
term-colorschemes/.config [coloschemes] add white colorscheme May 30, 2018
themes/.themes [themes] add new kvantum themes Sep 21, 2019
tmux [tmux] revert st override Dec 1, 2019
tridactyl [tridactyl] better saveas Dec 1, 2019
vim [nvim] functions reindent Dec 7, 2019
wl/.config/wl [git] initial commit Aug 9, 2017
x11 [x11] cleanup from useless files Nov 23, 2019
xcompose [xcompose] try xcompose Dec 2, 2019
xinit/.config/xinit [xinput] revert layout change to alt-shift Oct 12, 2019
xres/.config/xres [xinit] fix cursor size Aug 28, 2019
zathura/.config/zathura [zathura] config cleanup Mar 29, 2019
zsh/.config/zsh [zsh] move zshenv Nov 28, 2019
.gitignore [readme] update readme Nov 23, 2019
.gitmodules [tmux] move @tmux to tmux Dec 1, 2019 [readme] update readme Dec 1, 2019


Of course this dotfiles structure not include everything that I use, like QEMU.


terminal_shot nvim_shot firefox_shot unixporn_like_shot

Interesting stuff

I have very heavily customized i3-gaps to make it UX similar to good one ion3 and notion, you can find it here:

I presumptuously think that this is the most sophisticated thing that was created with the help of these i3ipc tools in the world ever and is also a good example of creating some new stuff with i3ipc. Though it python-based it's really fast because of client-server architecture.

Also I have some custom config "distribution" of ZSH, Neovim, tmux and polybar config are also interesting enough with some more-or-less unique features.

If you are vimperator fan like me please try tridactyl, after some patching and user-css stuff it become nice enough for daily use. You can find it config here:


  • Terminal
    • alacritty -- nice cross-platform terminal emulator, but I am using suckless terminal for now.
    • sh -- based bourne shell config.
    • bash -- I don't use bash widely, anyway I have some basic config.
    • zsh -- the best of the best shell for me, pretty complex custom config. Based on GRML many years ago, maybe now it is not.
    • cool-retro-term -- very nice(but slow) terminal emulator a-la "old TV"
    • term-colorschemes -- various dynamic colorschemes, not up-to-date.
    • dircolors -- my 256-color filetype-based dircolors.
    • tmux -- tmux config
  • Dev
    • vim -- I am using neovim for now, a lot of nice stuff. Also used as IDE for almost all languages(except of java, scala)
    • dcvs -- configs for dcvs, except git.
    • ghc -- nice prompt for GHC(haskell compiler) and another basic stuff.
    • git -- config for git(.gitconfig)
  • Debugging
    • gdb -- debugger.
    • cgdb -- better gdb tui. Probably not better then gdb-dashboard, but it's useful anyway.
  • Music
    • mpd -- music player daemon and mpd-notification configs.
    • ncmpcpp -- mpd client
    • beets -- music library manager
  • Window system / X11
    • i3 -- my current WM with a lot of new stuff. I migrated to it after many years of using my fork of Notion WM.
    • gtk -- gtkrc
    • dunst -- my minimalistic notification daemon, which also used for mpd-notification.
    • polybar -- my statusbar
    • keymaps -- alternative keymaps. I am using xmodmaprc with caps-lock rebinded to ctrl, etc.
    • x11 -- xinitrc, Xresources, xserverrc
    • xinit -- scripts for .xinitrc to run compositing, custom keybindings, etc.
    • xres -- include files for .Xresources.
    • wl -- wallpaper list stuff.
    • rofi -- dmenu analogue to run programs, find windows, everything, used very widely.
    • sxhkd -- x11-wide keybindings, independent to WM.
    • color_profiles -- custom icm color-profiles, I don't use it a lot, but it's funny.
    • compton -- my x11 compositing manager.
  • Net
    • tridactyl -- Vimperator-like firefox addon. Vim-like keybindings and UX in firefox.
    • stig -- custom colorscheme for this nice transmission-client
  • IM / Mail / News
    • mutt -- famous cli-based mail-client
    • newsboat -- cli newsbeuter-based rss-reader.
  • Media
    • mpv -- my minimalistic video player config.
    • sxiv -- config for my fork of sxiv, image viewer.
  • Emulators
    • dos -- configs for dos emulators.
  • systemd
    • systemd -- user services(for systemctl --user)
      • caddy.service: local webserver for firefox startpage
      • caffeine.service: Prevents the desktop becoming idle in full-screen mode
      • downloads.service: Downloads cleaner and handler
      • compton.service: Compositing manager
      • cursor_swarp.service: cursor swarp
      • downloads.service: Downloads cleaner and handler
      • dunst.service: Lightweight and customizable notification daemon
      • gnome-keyring-daemon.service: Gnome keyring daemon
      • gpaste.service: GPaste clipboard manager daemon
      • mpd.service: Music Player Daemon
      • mpdas.service: mpdas scrobbler
      • mpd-notification.service: MPD Notification
      • nm-applet.service: Network manager applet
      • sxhkd.service: fast hotkey manager
      • transmissiond.service: transmission service
      • udiskie.service: automounter
      • update-pic-dirs.service: Pic dirs notification
      • wallpaper.service: setup wallpaper on startup
      • x11.service: startx as service
      • xinput_settings.service: my xinput settings
  • Doc
    • zathura -- nice and tiny pdf/djvu/whatever viewer with UX similar to vim
  • Misc
    • neofetch -- nice fetch with custom config
    • npm -- nothing.
    • htop -- basic htop stuff(monochromatic for now)
    • imgur, imgur-screenshot -- imgur uploaders.
    • misc -- various stuff, which I don't use a lot as like urlview, keynav, etc.
    • task -- basic config for my GTD-like tool taskwarrior.
    • ranger -- nice console-based filemanager. I do not using it a lot, but like picture preview feature(in terminal, based on w3m).
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