Decentralized Issue Tracking for git
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Determination of dit reference type

git-dit - the distributed issue tracker for git

WARNING: This is pre-1.0! Expect bugs and incompatibilities!

However, we try to avoid breaking changes.

git-dit features

  • Distributed issue tracking, without checking files into the repository
  • Convenient commandline interface (plumbing + porcelain)
  • Implemented as git subcommand: git dit
  • Each command has a --help
  • No structured data
    • An issue/comment is a commit
    • "Tags" are supported (see man git-interpret-trailers)
  • Convenience git dit push and git dit pull
  • No additional software needed on the server-side.

When playing with this, please keep in mind that this is alpha quality - there are bugs, missing things and rough edges.


The following crates are used:

  • chrono 0.3
  • error-chain 0.10
  • git2 0.6
  • is-match 0.1
  • log 0.3

Additionally, for building the man page, pandoc is required.


Cargo is used for building git-dit. Run

cargo build

in this directory in order to build git-dit. Building the git-dit man page is enabled through the "manpage" feature of the Cargo package. E.g. run

cargo build --features manpage


We do not provide any installation scripts. If you intent using or testing git-dit, make sure to have the binary in your PATH.


For a system overview and conceptual information, refer to the documentation. For a more practical documentation, refer to the man page.


The library module is licensed under terms of MPL-2.0. The binary module (this directory) uses the library and provides a commandline interface for it and is licensed under terms of GNU GPLv2.

(c) Julian Ganz, Matthias Beyer