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[tests] Make autotests pass again
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This file is meant to contain up-to-date information about
MTP stack & its dependencies


It Contains the following sections

1. Running the stack in device

2. GadgetFS


1. Running the stack in device

When running the test application in the device

run: source /tmp/session_bus_address.user

Otherwise it will crash.

2. GadgetFS

Here's the full procedure to build the gadgetfs module:
$ apt-get source kernel-source
$ cd kernel-<version>
$ make -C /usr/src/kernel-headers CONFIG_USB_GADGETFS=m M=`pwd`/drivers/usb/gad$

The result is drivers/usb/gadget/gadgetfs.ko

Copy this file to the device to /lib/modules/current/

Type 'depmod -a'

Type 'lsof | grep ttyG may help'
Kill all processes which are displayed.

Then type lsof etc. again.
If there are some processed displayed
rename /lib/modules/current/g_nokia to something else and
kill the process again.

Do 'mkdir dev/gadget'
'rmmod g_nokia'
'rmmod g_file_storage'
'modprobe gadgetfs'
'mount -t gadgetfs none /dev/gadget'

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