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Seamless software update bits for Nemo
C++ QMake Other

Merge pull request #45 from thp/gcc46-compat

[toolchain] Revert C++11 changes for GCC 4.6 compatibility
latest commit 3d4d1cbdfc
@thp thp authored
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dbus Prevent ssu startup when system is shutting down.
doc [doc] Use consistent spelling of ssu vs. SSU
libssu [ssu] Use Wlan MAC address as the device UID if IMEI is not found.
libssunetworkproxy [ssu] separate connman dependency to a plugin library
rpm Own the directories that contain ssu related files.
ssucli [ssucli] Show Domain in "ssu status"
ssuconfperm Refactorize project files
ssud Merge pull request #31 from thp/usage-domain
ssuks [ssuks] Allow URL postprocessing after KS generation
ssuslipstream [ssu] Slipstream provider
systemd Prevent ssu startup when system is shutting down.
tests Revert "[ssuurlresolver] Compile with C++11 for recent versions of li…
tools Added tool that currently has option to cleanup /etc/zyp…
.gitignore Drop autogenerated file from the git tree.
COPYING Import first opensource version
constants.h [doc] Use consistent spelling of ssu vs. SSU
macros.ssuks [ssuks] Alow selecting rnd or release for kickstart macro
repos.ini [ssu] Slipstream provider
ssu-defaults.ini Added support for cmd-remove in ssu-defaults.init
ssu-update-repos Silence touch in update-repos script
ssu.ini Implemented domain and domain-specific blocks in respos.ini Merge pull request #37 from thp/remove-unmaintained-register-ui
ssu_common.pri [sysinfo] Include the interesting bits of QSystemInfo to avoid depend…
ssulibrary.pri Refactorize project files
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