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Neo4j Contrib

Public, Open Source Contributions to the Neo4j Ecosystem: Tools, Drivers, Documentation, Visualization


  1. awesome-neo4j awesome-neo4j Public

    Forked from neueda/awesome-neo4j

    A curated list of Neo4j resources.

    41 7

  2. neo4j-apoc-procedures neo4j-apoc-procedures Public

    Awesome Procedures On Cypher for Neo4j - codenamed "apoc"                     If you like it, please ★ above ⇧            

    Java 1.7k 492

  3. neomodel neomodel Public

    An Object Graph Mapper (OGM) for the Neo4j graph database.

    Python 906 228

  4. neo4j-helm neo4j-helm Public archive

    Helm Charts for running Neo4j on Kubernetes [DEPRECATED]

    Shell 88 84

  5. neo4j-spark-connector neo4j-spark-connector Public

    Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark, which provides bi-directional read/write access to Neo4j from Spark, using the Spark DataSource APIs

    Scala 305 114

  6. cypher-dsl cypher-dsl Public

    A Java DSL (Builder) for the Cypher Query Language

    Java 188 63


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