Neo4j Server Auth Extension
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Basic Auth-Filter-Extension for Neo4j-Server

Just put the jar-file into plugins and add the following lines to the conf/ file. The username:password combination are the admin credentials, please change as appropriate.


Manage the credentials by sending POST requests to the http://server:port/auth endpoint.

List existing users

GET http://server:port/auth/list

returns data in the form {"user:pass":"RW", "user2:pass2":"RO"}

curl --user username:password http://localhost:7474/auth/list

Adding users with form-param: user=username:password

POST http://server:port/auth/add-user-ro
POST http://server:port/auth/add-user-rw

returns "OK" on success

curl --user username:password -d "user=username1:password1" http://localhost:7474/auth/add-user-rw
curl --user username:password -d "user=username2:password2" http://localhost:7474/auth/add-user-ro

Removing users with form-param: user=username:password

POST http://server:port/auth/remove-user  

curl --user username:password -d "user=username2:password2" http://localhost:7474/auth/remove-user

returns "OK" on success

Download of precompiled jars