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Puppet module for installing Neo4j on Linux systems
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Neo4j Puppet Module

Automates installing Neo4j on an EC2 Linux system, optionally creating the EC2 machine also.


This module will install Neo4j, and its dependencies (e.g. a JVM). It's designed to run on a server and expose the REST API over the network.


  • Installs Neo4j community from stable Debian packages
  • Choose OpenJDK or Oracle JVM
  • Daily cold backup to an Amazon EBS volume (defaults to /dev/xvdj)
  • Will optionally generate EC2 machine, EBS volume, static IP, etc.


(for those new to Amazon EC2)

See the CloudFormation notes

Advanced Usage

(for people who are comfortable with Ubuntu and/or EC2)

  • Aquire a fresh Ubuntu machine (virtual, cloud or bare metal)

  • Run a shell on it, and apply the commands below (you can paste them directly in)


chmod +x go

sudo ./go true bob bob123 #accepts Oracle license, sets a username and password

  • Go to the water cooler.
  • Come back.
  • Visit http://your machine's IP:7474/db/data to see your Neo4j endpoint.


This Puppet module is licensed under the Affero GPL. If you use the Oracle JVM you must read and accept the terms of the Oracle end user license agreement Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.


Please log tickets and issues at the Github project.


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