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README.markdown website

A draft generated using Octopress to manage pages and blog posts.

Getting started

This is a dev-friendly project for building a website, easily extensible into a full web application. That also means it is a little un-friendly for normal people. What's that sound? Oh yeah, opportunity knocking.

So. You'll need these tools installed:

  • ruby 1.9.2+
  • git 1.7+

On a Mac? Cool. You can try the hacked-up install script to lead you through installing the needed command line tools. If you're feeling brave, you can do this:

curl | bash

Optionally, install the Mac github application and ask it to "Install command line utility".

Either way, you'll need to set up a github account to use git. Follow the great instructions.

Did you install rvm? It'll notice a .rvmrc file and use that to download some stuff needed by ruby. Otherwise you'll need to install bundler, then ask it to install some extra things:

gem install bundler bundle install

Phew. OK, now you really should be ready.


The project uses a ruby rakefile to do perform operations. A rakefile is like the classic C makefile but for ruby.

Raking the website:

  • create a blog post: rake new_post["title"]
  • create a page: rake new_page[super-awesome]
  • preview the site: rake preview
  • find files containing text: `rake find["some interesting text"]
  • all of rake's tasks: rake -T

Web pages are just partial, but normal, html. Or markdown.

git'ing things done:

  • update local: git pull origin master
  • commit local changes: git commit -am 'hooray for updates'
  • share changes: git push origin master
  • publish to heroku hosting: git push heroku master

See Octopress Blogging for details.

Directories (& some files)

  • . : top-level project directory
  • ./_config.yml : configuration and site-wide variables
  • ./source : raw html, markup, css, images and javascript files. edit these
  • ./public : the generated website. do not edit

What is Octopress?

Octopress is Jekyll blogging at its finest.

  1. Octopress sports a clean responsive theme written in semantic HTML5, focused on readability and friendliness toward mobile devices.
  2. Code blogging is easy and beautiful. Embed code (with Solarized styling) in your posts from gists, jsFiddle or from your filesystem.
  3. Third party integration is simple with built-in support for Twitter, Pinboard, Delicious, GitHub Repositories, Disqus Comments and Google Analytics.
  4. It's easy to use. A collection of rake tasks simplifies development and makes deploying a cinch.
  5. Ships with great plug-ins some original and others from the Jekyll community — tested and improved.
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