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Neo4j Movies Demo App in dotnet with neo4jclient
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Neo4j Movies Example Application - WebApi Version


You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Developer Pack (Download & Install) if you are running Visual Studio 2013, this is to allow transactions to utilize the async part of Neo4jClient. Users with Visual Studio 2015 do not need the install.


Run locally

  • Start your local Neo4j Server (Download & Install), open the Neo4j Browser. Then install the Movies data-set with :play movies, click the statement, and hit the triangular "Run" button

  • Open up the solution in Visual Studio and restore the Nuget Packages.

  • If you need a username and password to connect to your DB, edit the Web.Config file and fill in the GraphDBUser and GraphDBPassword values in the appSettings section.

  • Press F5 to run the project, this will start your browser of choice and show you the interface.

Run Remotely

  • Create a database on GrapheneDB or GraphStory

  • Once created, you need to get the connection details and fill in the GraphDBUrl, GraphDBUser and GraphDBPassword values in the appSettings section of the Web.Release.Config file.

  • Right Click on Neo4jDotNetDemo and Click publish. If you already have an Azure account sign in and follow the steps. If not, you can Sign up today (you can host 10 Free Websites in each region). Alternatively - you can host in any other .NET capable hosting.

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