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configuration and launch files for Neobotix MPO-700
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ROS configuration and launch files for Neobotix MPO-700

This package contains configuration and launch files for Neobotix MPO-700.

Neobotix MPO-700Neobotix MMO-700

The omnidirectional MPO-700 is the ideal base for high-end service robots. Its four Omni-Drive-Modules enable it to move extremely smoothly into any direction. This robot is even capable of rotating freely while driving to its destination. The Omni-Drive-Modules of the MPO-700 feature important benefits compared to other omnidirectional drive kinematics, like for example the MPO-500's Mecanum wheels.

  • Fully omnidirectional manoeuvrability
  • Very steady movements
  • High stability and payload
  • Compact, easily integrated drive units

This makes the MPO-700 a premium alternative for applications that require omnidirectional movements without the limitations of traditional kinematics.

Contact information

For more information please visit our website at If you have any questions, just get in touch with us:


  1. Create a catkin workspace (tutorial)

  2. Download all packages listed under "Additionally required Neobotix-ROS-Packages" into your workspace

  3. IMPORTANT! Delete all not used packages downloaded in step 2!

  4. Install all packages listed under "Additionally required third party ROS-Packages"

  5. Build your workspace

Additionally required Neobotix-ROS-Packages:

Hardware connection: neo_relayboard_v2

Kinematic: cob_driver and cob_common

Laserscanner: cob_sick_s300

Scan-Merge: cob_scan_unifier

Teleoperation: neo_teleop

Homing and Recover: neo_auto_recover

Msgs: neo_msgs

Srvs: neo_srvs

Additionally required third party ROS-Packages:

Joystick: joy

MoveBase: move_base and move_base_msgs

Teb Local Planner: teb_local_planner

Eband Local Planner: eband_local_planner

SLAM: gmapping

AMCL: amcl


  1. Edit the configuration of each ROS-Node to meet your needs

  2. Use the bringup.launch file for basic startup

  3. Use the navigation.launch file for starting up MoveBase and SLAM or AMCL

  4. Create your own .launch file

ROSlaunch files:

Bringup: bringup.launch

Navigation with SLAM: navigation_basic_slam.launch

Navigation with AMCL: navigation_basic_amcl.launch


For each used ROS-Node there is a Folder in configs

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