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Neobotix is a world-famous manufacturer of mobile robots and robot systems. We offer robots and manipulators for all applications with full ROS / ROS-2 support. To know more about our robots and the components, please visit

To get latest updates and news about our projects, you can also follow our Linkedin page.

In case you are here and looking for some help in getting started with our products and software, then please take a look at our wonderful documentation:

We enjoy working together with the community on our open source ROS and ROS-2 packages. Feel free to open an issue or a pull-request for the feature that you want to create or the bug you want to solve in the corresponding repository. Tip: If you don't know where to start, it is a great idea to look into the list of issues for neo_simulation2 package.

Popular repositories

  1. neo_simulation neo_simulation Public

    Package to simulate Neobotix robots

    Python 70 37

  2. neo_localization neo_localization Public

    Neobotix localization package, a more accurate alternative to AMCL.

    C++ 38 29

  3. neo_docking neo_docking Public

    ROS-Node for automatic docking via depth camera and QR codes

    Python 34 18

  4. neo_local_planner neo_local_planner Public

    Implements a Neobotix custom move_base local planner

    C++ 25 15

  5. neo_simulation2 neo_simulation2 Public

    ROS 2 simulation packages for the Neobotix robots

    Python 19 10

  6. neo_kinematics_omnidrive neo_kinematics_omnidrive Public

    ROS-Node for Neobotix mobile Robots with omni-directional kinematics

    C++ 15 13


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