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Table of Contents

Example Descrption
1. hello world Return a hello world string to Node
2. primitives Creating JS primitives in Rust
3. arrays Creating and using JS arrays in Rust
4. objects Creating and using JS objects in Rust
5. arguments Getting and checking function arguments
6. functions Creating and calling JS functions from Rust
7. classes Creating classes
8. class factory Creating classes from a class. Useful for resource pools.
9. modules Exporting functions, classes, and values
10. json Handling JSON passed between JS and Rust
11. errors Creating and throwing errors
12. async Creating and scheduling async background tasks in Node's thread pool
13. thread count Expose the num_cpus Rust library to JS
14. fibonacci async task Computing the nth fibonacci number in Rust and passing the result to JS
15. word counting A word counting demo in Rust and JS with benchmarks
16. sharing binary data Handling binary data passed from Node to Rust
17. electron app A simple electron app using Neon modules
18. publishing modules Using node-pre-gyp to build and publish binaries for multiple platforms
19. event emitter An example of creating an EventEmitter with Neon
20. workspace An example of using Neon in a Cargo workspace
21. Bindgen Planned


git clone
cd neon-examples

# Compile and run an example:
cd primitives
node ./lib/index.js
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