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This is a modified version of the Marlin 1.1.0-RC8 firmware for the WANHAO Duplicator i3 Plus 3d printer. Currently, it's in alpha state, some LCD functions are working and some of them are not.

Changelog Marlin:

  • Added the printer specific pin and machine configuration files
  • Switched to the Arduino serial port lib to add a second serial for the LCD
  • Added the completely rewritten LCD communication functions
  • Added a serial bridge mode for LCD firmware update over the printers USB port

Changelog LCD:

  • Removed Chinese language
  • Renamed all the bitmaps to fix the firmware update problem caused by the Chinese characters
  • Removed some start animation frames
  • Added the lcd update bridge mode button to the system menu
  • Added Marlin and an LCD firmware version to display functions on the system menu
  • Changed the bed leveling menu to a usable version
  • Swapped and rearranged some buttons in the system/tool menus

If you would like to help us to make a better software for the printer don't hesitate to contribute to this project!

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