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@doitian doitian released this May 18, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • #825: Filter out p2p field in address (@TheWaWaR)

  • #826: Ban peer deadlock (@TheWaWaR)

  • #829 docker: Fix docker problems found in rylai (@doitian)

    • avoid dirty flag in version info
    • bind rpc on in docker
    • fix docker files permissions
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@doitian doitian released this May 17, 2019


  • #633: Remove cycles config from miner (@zhangsoledad)

  • #614: Verify compact block (@keroro520)

  • #642: Incorporate assembly based CKB VM interpreter (@xxuejie)

  • #622: Allow type script in cellbase (@quake)

  • #620: Generalize OutPoint struct to reference headers as well (@xxuejie)

  • #651: Add syscall to load current script hash (@xxuejie)

  • #656: Add rpc get_epoch_by_number (@keroro520)

  • #662: Add txs verify cache (@zhangsoledad)

  • #670: Upgrade CKB VM version (@xxuejie)

    The new version contains fixes for 2 bugs revealed in comprehensive testing.

  • #675: Limit sync header timeout by MAX_HEADERS_LEN (@keroro520)

  • #678: Update lock script due to protocol changes (@xxuejie)

  • #671: Add rpc get blockchain info (@keroro520)

    • Add rpc get_blockchain_info
    • Add rpc get_peers_state, currently only return the info of blocks synchronizing in flight.
  • #653: Add rpc experiment module (@keroro520)

    • Add rpc dry_run_transaction
    • Add rpc _compute_transaction_id
    • Enable Experiment moduel by default
  • #689: Upgrade VM to latest version (@xxuejie)

    Noticeable changes here include:

    • Shrink VM memory from 16MB to 4MB now for both resource usage and performance
    • Use Bytes in VM API to avoid unnecessary copying
    • Use i8 as VM return code for better debugging
  • #686: Update default lock script to sign on transaction hash now (@xxuejie)

  • #690: Use script to generate rpc doc (@keroro520)

  • #701: Remove always success code hash (@xxuejie)

  • #703: Stringify numbers in rpc (@keroro520)

  • #709: Database save positions of CellOutputs in Transaction (@yangby-cryptape)

  • #720: Move DryRuResult into jsonrpc-types (@keroro520)

    • Move DryRunResult into jsonrpc-types
    • Complete rpc-client used in integration testing
  • #718: Initial NervosDAO implementation (@xxuejie)

    Note that this is now implemented as a native module for the ease of experimenting ideas. We will move this to a separate script later when we know more about what the actual NervosDAO implementation should look like.

  • #714: Enforce resolve txs order within block (@zhangsoledad)

    Transactions are expected to be sorted within a block
    Transactions have to appear after any transactions upon which they depend

  • #731: Use future_task to avoid blocking (@jjyr)

  • #735: Panic if it's likely to reach a deadlock (@yangby-cryptape)

  • #742: Verify uncle max proposals limit (@zhangsoledad)

  • #736: Transaction since field support epoch-based verification rule (@jjyr)

  • #745: Genesis block customization (@doitian)

  • #772: Prof support start from non-zero block (@jjyr)

  • #781: Add secp256k1 in dev chainspec (@doitian)

  • #811: Upgrade CKB VM to latest version with performance improvements (@xxuejie)

  • #822: Add load witness syscall (@xxuejie)

  • #806: peer_store support retry and refresh (@jjyr)

  • #579: epoch revision (@zhangsoledad)

  • #632: Ignore staled block (@keroro520)

Bug Fixes



  • Database version is incompatible, please remove the old data dir.
  • Genesis header hash changed.
  • Genesis cellbase transaction hash changed.
  • System cells start from 1 in the genesis cellbase outputs instead of 0.
  • System cells lock changed from all zeros to always fail.
  • Always success is no longer included in dev genesis block.
  • Header format changed, use proposals hash to replace proposals root.
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@nervos-bot-user nervos-bot-user released this May 16, 2019

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@nervos-bot-user nervos-bot-user released this May 15, 2019

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@doitian doitian released this May 14, 2019

v0.11.0 (2019-05-14)


Bug Fixes

  • #630: blocktemplate cache outdate check (@zhangsoledad)

  • #627: block assembler limit (@zhangsoledad)

  • #624: only verify unknown tx in block proposal (@jjyr)

  • #621: Get headers forgot update best known header (@TheWaWaR)

  • #615: clean corresponding cache when receive proposals (@keroro520)

  • #616: Sync message flood (@TheWaWaR)

    Avoid send too much GetHeaders when received CompactBlock (this will cause message flood)

  • #618: remove rpc call to improve miner profermance (@jjyr)

    call try_update_block_template will take 200 ~ 400ms when node have too many txs

  • #617: BlockCellProvider determine cellbase error (@jjyr)

  • #612: rpc get_live_cell return null cell (@jjyr)

  • #609: fix cpu problem (@driftluo)

  • #601: Stop ask for transactions when initial block download (@TheWaWaR)

  • #588: Initial block download message storm (@driftluo)

  • #583: Return early for non-existent block (@keroro520)

  • #584: Disconnect wrong peer when process getheaders message (@TheWaWaR)

  • #581: Send network message to wrong protocol (@TheWaWaR)

  • #578: Testnet hotfix (@TheWaWaR)

    Main changes:

    1. Adjust relay filter size to avoid message flood
    2. Send getheaders message when get UnknownParent Error
    3. Fix send message to wrong protocol cause peer banned
    4. Update p2p dependency
    5. Fix BlockAssembler hold chain state lock most of the time when cellbase is large
  • #568: Add DuplicateDeps verifier (@jjyr)

  • #537: testnet relay (@jjyr)

    Refactoring ugly code,
    Add is_bad_tx function on PoolError and TransactionError, use this method to detect a tx is intended bad tx or just caused by the different tip.

  • #565: update testnet genesis hash (@doitian)


  • Database is incompatible, please clear data directory.
  • Config file ckb.toml:
    • block_assembler.binary_hash is renamed to block_assembler.code_hash.
  • P2P message flatbuffers schema changed.
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@nervos-bot-user nervos-bot-user released this May 14, 2019

Fix relay protocol blocked bug (never been so reliable)
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