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[Discussion] Who is using Nest in production? #1006

kamilmysliwiec opened this issue Aug 26, 2018 · 264 comments

[Discussion] Who is using Nest in production? #1006

kamilmysliwiec opened this issue Aug 26, 2018 · 264 comments


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@kamilmysliwiec kamilmysliwiec commented Aug 26, 2018



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@valorkin valorkin commented Aug 26, 2018

Valor Software, ofc :)

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@BorntraegerMarc BorntraegerMarc commented Aug 26, 2018
This was my comment: #359 (comment)

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@nartc nartc commented Aug 26, 2018

We’re using NestJs for two of our products right now. Boss’s loving it.

Ps: Our company is also giving a talk about NestJs at a local Angular Meetup:

and also at a local Developer Conference called devUp:

Thanks Kamil for the awesome framework! <3

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@RecuencoJones RecuencoJones commented Aug 27, 2018

We use it as our backend to retrieve GitHub metadata and contents from our CMS.

Love its simplicity and TS 😍

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@lukasz-wronski lukasz-wronski commented Aug 27, 2018

@kamilmysliwiec As you know we use Nest in Gorrion Software House for some time now. Unfortunatelly we can't tell you the name of the project yet, but right now we are starting one that is kind of biggish (aprox. 800 mandays of work). This is the first one we've started with Nest 5 from scratch and its great ❤️

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@kikar kikar commented Aug 29, 2018

We use and love Nest at Yumpingo!

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@alsoicode alsoicode commented Aug 29, 2018

Day & Zimmermann for an internal management application via my freelance company: Also, I Code

Nest + MongoDB with an Angular UI.

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@rafhofman rafhofman commented Aug 29, 2018

Baltic Data Science for one of the world's biggest blockchain use case projects. @kamilmysliwiec kudos for the great work and the effort that You put in Nest.js 👍

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@therajumandapati therajumandapati commented Aug 29, 2018

At, we've been using NestJS with @kamilmysliwiec 's support since day 1 of the project. NestJS is incredibly easy to work with and highly scalable. @kamilmysliwiec is a wonderful human with a lot of love for OSS, without him, our backend development at ProHabits would not have been easier.

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@kamilmysliwiec kamilmysliwiec commented Aug 29, 2018

Thank you all for your answers so far! Besides, I'm getting a lot of DM with companies names. However, I can't share their names (yet?). Anyway, I'm really happy that Nest helped you to achieve your goals 🥇!

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@gregmagolan gregmagolan commented Aug 29, 2018

We're using Nest at with an Angular front-end. Love having a common language on the client-side and server-side.

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@yharaskrik yharaskrik commented Aug 29, 2018

Seconded @gregmagolan above. Lead dev here for Trellis. Really enjoying Nest so far, learn more about it everyday.

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@ondrej-osnet-cz ondrej-osnet-cz commented Aug 30, 2018

I'm using Nest in project with Ionic front end. Thank you @kamilmysliwiec for hours of great time with NestJs. It is the best framework for node I've ever tried!

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@marcus-sa marcus-sa commented Aug 30, 2018

Currently using it for our AppWriter dictionary server at Wizkids
Been mentioning several times we should migrate completely to Nest, but well, that time will come 💃

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@mariolenis mariolenis commented Aug 31, 2018

We are using NestJS on our main product at Kerberus, in our Callcenter & PBX dashboard. Was tough to convince our team to migrate but they saw the advantages for code maintenance and clean architecture.

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@zuohuadong zuohuadong commented Aug 31, 2018

We are a start-up company from China and are currently using nest.js, we are working on a micro-service framework.

This is the GitHub address and I would like to have more people involved.

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@MartinDrost MartinDrost commented Aug 31, 2018

We are a serious gaming company from the Netherlands called Hulan. We started developing in NestJS around 6 months ago and are loving it! We've started 4 new projects using the framework and published 2 of them to production.

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@LimarenkoDenis LimarenkoDenis commented Aug 31, 2018

Hi, We have been using Nestjs for production since it released )
JSDaddy, Ukraine, Kharkiv )


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@frenetix frenetix commented Aug 31, 2018

We're using it at GenuineBee for some of our client's and also internal projects.
I'm actually putting together some case studies where I'm mentioning the tech-stack and Nest is mentioned... once published I'll send you the link in case you're interested ;)
Keep it up!!

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@krystianity krystianity commented Aug 31, 2018

We are using Nest.js 5.x for a few micro services at REWE Digital they assist in powering our platform.

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@linsolas linsolas commented Sep 3, 2018

Societe Generale (and especially the Investment Banking) is using NestJs for several internal services.

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@edevil edevil commented Sep 3, 2018

It would also be interesting to know a little bit about HOW it is being used. I’m thinking of using it for a traditional web application with server side rendering (templates, static content serving, etc) and I’m under the impression most people use it for APIs.

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@linsolas linsolas commented Sep 3, 2018

It would also be interesting to know a little bit about HOW it is being used.

In our case, it's mainly used as an API server indeed. We generally split our front-ends (VueJS / Angular / React) and our back-end.
Historically our back-ends were made only using Java / .Net / Python, but since we moved massively TypeScript for front-end developments, we decided to start using Nest last year.
I think the usage of NestJS will grow in the next months within our organization, and maybe its usage will not be limited to API server (for ex. for server-side rendering).

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@alexplumb alexplumb commented Sep 4, 2018

Running Nest at my company w/ Firestore Cloud Functions. Works really well for our use cases and I've definitely become an evangelist. You folks have an awesome product.

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@kernelsafe kernelsafe commented Sep 4, 2018

We at Agrofel are using it as the back-end for our Ionic apps; we're amazed how it was possible to develop everything, from top to bottom using Angular concepts.

Thanks and keep up with the excellent work!

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@bashleigh bashleigh commented Sep 6, 2018

I'm currently fighting tones of PHP services (and their developers) with my nestjs services which I'm using for a facebook chatbot to answer questions and a email service which emails customers an email once an order is purchased. All running on kubernetes!


I also play with nest a lot in my spare time and use it to learn a lot more about typescript!

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@Navaneeth-pk Navaneeth-pk commented Sep 18, 2021


ToolJet - Open-source low-code platform for building React-based internal tools.
Repository link:

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@ErapidAPI ErapidAPI commented Sep 19, 2021

We use NestJS at RapidAPI
RapidAPI is The world's largest API hub 🚀

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@marluanespiritusanto marluanespiritusanto commented Oct 6, 2021

We use Nest.js at Refactoring, experts in building transformative digital solutions for innovative organizations.
HORIZONTAL monocromo (fondo claro)

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@HenkBoxma HenkBoxma commented Oct 15, 2021

We use Nest.js at, the number 1 platform to localize dynamic web applications in context.



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@kundkingan kundkingan commented Oct 23, 2021

We are using it at for our microservices.

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@dq-hustlecoding dq-hustlecoding commented Oct 27, 2021

We use Nest.js at LiLi Style, woman fashion metasearch app in Indonesia


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@eliotik eliotik commented Oct 28, 2021

We use Nest at . We use it for microservices with tcp, pubsub strategies, as standalone apps to execute cronjobs, and a few APIs.

Color (original)

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@BenzhaminKim BenzhaminKim commented Nov 6, 2021

We use Nest.js for MLOps service. I love Nest.js.

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@icezatoo icezatoo commented Nov 19, 2021

We use Nest.js for creating backoffice internal tool, And we using in monorepo nrwl with Nestjs

TD LOGO colored

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@Uter1007 Uter1007 commented Dec 23, 2021

We are also proud users and are using it nearly for everything ;) | create value without waste - just like nest.js ;)

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@justinscoderepo justinscoderepo commented Dec 30, 2021

Experion Technologies

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@filipenabrantes filipenabrantes commented Jan 5, 2022

Nuvemshop (Brazil) TiendaNube (Mexico, Argentina)

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@xiongsongsong xiongsongsong commented Jan 6, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 10 56 21 AM

Support the internal CMS system and website access record system.

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@nobezawa nobezawa commented Jan 8, 2022

Looks like it's being used by Mercari.

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@MarcusElevait MarcusElevait commented Jan 12, 2022

We use it at elevait GmbH & Co. KG for our annotation-tool backend.
I like it as it makes it easy to develop a REST API with mongo db.

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@tjappo tjappo commented Jan 17, 2022

We use it at Blockrise: for a lot of backend microservices! In my opinion, it is very extensible and easy to learn and use!

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@ali-kamalizade-leanix ali-kamalizade-leanix commented Jan 19, 2022

We are using Nest.js for a few microservices at LeanIX. It works great, especially for people who like Angular like me :)

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@ezequielfalcon ezequielfalcon commented Jan 21, 2022

Hi there! We are an Argentinian IoT startup GPE Sistemas. We begun using Nest on November, and all our (new) production APIs are built on top of it. It is awesome to have a framework that fulfills our wildest design pattern desires 😝
GPE-fondo claro 1280 16 colores

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@GalloaFranco GalloaFranco commented Jan 23, 2022

Just before christmas my team and I launched some kubernetes-orchestrated microservices into production. Nest helped us to standardize practices in a large team with a different technology stack background, and with tight project dates.

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@sswayney sswayney commented Feb 16, 2022

As of Monday we switched over our spring backend for NestJS. Services 3 large Angular apps. NestJS utilizes Redis, RabbitMQ, GraphQL, SEQ Logging server. Love NestJS so far and see how it has tons of potential for the future as well. Once we are finished handling some issues here I would love to contribute back to the project.

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@vickyrathee vickyrathee commented Feb 18, 2022

Started using it on DaySchedule

  • Super happy with the documentation
  • Easy to use for developer coming from Angular

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@Ninjeneer Ninjeneer commented Feb 20, 2022

The PilotPlus project uses it as well !

We switched our entire back-end to NestJS few months ago, and it really improved the productivity ! 👍 Documentation & community are awesome !


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@vicphase vicphase commented Feb 23, 2022

I'm using Nest in production for three apps here in México:

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@Samox Samox commented Mar 24, 2022

We are using nest in production 🥰


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@leandroruel leandroruel commented Mar 27, 2022


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@lahatra3 lahatra3 commented Apr 29, 2022

I am learning nest JS now !

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@pedromoter pedromoter commented Apr 29, 2022

Ayrton Technologies from Brazil

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@erdenezul erdenezul commented May 23, 2022 we (Buildingminds ) are using NestJS

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@jpa-dev jpa-dev commented May 27, 2022 - We're using NestJs for few services with an React front-ends.

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