Runs benchmarks against a range of Clojurescript versions and reports the results
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Track how the performance of Clojurescript changes with each commit to the repository.

See the plots


Make sure you have at least one of these environment variables defined:

  • V8_HOME (location of the d8 binary)
  • SPIDERMONKEY_HOME (location of the js binary)
  • JSC_HOME (location of the jsc binary)

Also, make sure you have a recent version of Gnuplot on your PATH.

This assumes you already have a working Clojurescript that was cloned from git. Make sure you've run the clojurescript bootstrap script (script/bootstrap) to download Clojure and the Closure compiler. Create a file named last-head inside your copy of cljs-bench and put the SHA1 of the earliest version you care about in this file.

Then, if using leiningen:

lein run ~/src/clojurescript/ report

This will check out and run the benchmarks in every version of clojurescript between the version you mentioned and origin/master of the local clojurescript repository you pointed cljs-bench at. When its done it will update the last-head file to point at the current location of origin/master. To perform incremental updates, just fetch into your local clojurescript repo and run the above command again.


Copyright (C) 2012 Brian Taylor

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.