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Netlify CLI

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Interact with Netlify from the comfort of your CLI.

See the CLI command line reference to get started and the docs on using Netlify Dev to run your site locally.

Table of Contents

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Netlify CLI requires Node.js version 18.14.0 or above. To install, run the following command from any directory in your terminal:

npm install netlify-cli -g

When using the CLI in a CI environment we recommend installing it locally as a development dependency, instead of globally. To install locally, run the following command from the root directory of your project:

npm install --save-dev netlify-cli

Important: Running npm install netlify-cli -g in CI means you're always installing the latest version of the CLI, including breaking changes. When you install locally and use a lock file you guarantee reproducible builds. To manage CLI updates we recommend using an automated tool like renovate or dependabot.

Alternatively you may also use Homebrew: brew install netlify-cli (thanks @cglong).


Installing the CLI globally provides access to the netlify command.

netlify [command]

# Run `help` for detailed information about CLI commands
netlify [command] help


To learn how to log in to Netlify and start deploying sites, visit the documentation on Netlify.


For a full command reference visit


See for more info on how to make contributions to this project.


You'll need to follow these steps to run Netlify CLI locally:

uninstall any globally installed versions of netlify-cli
clone and install deps for
npm link from inside the cli folder

Now you're both ready to start testing and to contribute to the project!


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.