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Netlify command line tool
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Netlify CLI

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Welcome to the Netlify CLI! The new 2.0 version was rebuilt from the ground up to help improve the site building experience.

⚠️ If you are looking for docs or to report an issue on Netlify Dev, head to the netlify-dev-plugin repo. This is a new release, we appreciate your patience and bug reports!

Table of Contents

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Netlify CLI requires Node.js version 8 or above. To install, run the following command from any directory in your terminal:

npm install netlify-cli -g


Installing the CLI globally provides access to the netlify command.

netlify [command]

# Run `help` for detailed information about CLI commands
netlify [command] help


To learn how to log in to Netlify and start deploying sites, visit the documentation on Netlify.

For a full command reference, see the list below, or visit



Create a new deploy from the contents of a folder


Configure continuous deployment for a new or existing site


Link a local repo or project folder to an existing site on Netlify


Login to your Netlify account


Open settings for the site linked to the current folder

Subcommand description
open:admin Opens current site admin UI in Netlify
open:site Opens current site url in browser


Handle various site operations

Subcommand description
sites:create Create an empty site (advanced)
sites:list List all sites you have access to


Print status information

Subcommand description
status:hooks Print hook information of the linked site


Unlink a local folder from a Netlify site


Watch for site deploy to finish


See for more info on how to make contributions to this project.


MIT. See LICENSE for more details.

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